Folklore night “Žolynelis”, Litva. Center (BIKARIJA), Starigrad.

Unique experience and spectacular ultra-trail race in the last European wilderness, where Alps arises from the sea: Paklenica national park and Velebit mountain in Croatia! Sea, mountain, canyons, peaks, ridges, meadows, pine and rain forests and 100% civilization free: just you and this mythical mountain! If you think you are a trail runner – try Velebit Trail!

CATEGORIES: VELEBIT TRAIL 50 MILES: 82 km / 4.000mD+ / 50 EUR VELEBIT TRAIL MARATHON: 42 km / 2.200mD+ / 30 EUR VELEBIT TRAIL CHALLENGER: 26 km / 1.350mD+ / 20 EUR VELEBIT TRAIL ACTIVE: 14km / 850mD+ / 20 EUR VELEBIT TRAIL LIGHT: 7km / 400mD+ / 20 EUR All categories have a trail concept, the trail is marked with official signs.

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Animation program: fire&led show, clowns, cabare show, face painting. Konoba “Batela”, BLUESUN CAMPING PAKLENICA.

KUD Dragutin Domjanić, Vugrovec. Center (BIKARIJA), Starigrad.

Popular festivity. Main Square (Center), SELINE

Annual celebration of Victory and Homeland Thanksigiving Day which is a public holiday in Croatia, held as a memorial to its War of Independence 1991.-1995.

Fair of domestic products of small producers from various parts of Croatia.

Start: Trg Stjepana Radića, Starigrad

Finish: Veliko Rujno (920 m n/v)

Organizer: HAK Sv. Ante

Traditional pilgrimage on the Veliko Rujno, the biggest platou on the Velebit mountain. Popular festivity in the evening on the Main Square in Starigrad (concerts, gastro offer, firework).

Vertical race ABSOLUTE PAKLENICA is held in Paklenica National park and is the first vertical race on Velebit mountain. Paklenica National Park has long been known as a paradise for climbers and hikers, but karst terrain, varied landscape and over 150 kilometers of marked trails this park ranks among the most attractive area for mountain runners. Race starts by the sea and follows the most direct path to the finish (Sv. Brdo 1753m/asl). The entire trail is marked and has refreshment points. Absolute Paklenica is the part of the Croatian Mountain Cup. The organizer is tourist agency Mountain Traveller Croatia and technical CO is Athletic Club Sljeme.

Popular festivity. Music and gastro offer.

Highlander Velebit is an 118 km long hiking competition to be finished in 5 days with trails that go through two national parks, Paklenica and Northern Velebit.